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It’s a matter of imagination…

For the first time ever, manufacturers will have the materials required to build durable, functional designs.  Chromatic 3D Materials is inventing the next generation of 3D printing materials with the durability to meet the requirements for finished manufactured goods.  Today, our reality includes infinite possibilities for novel product designs, made possible by our customizable property range.  The scope of destinations for these technologies is vast.

Chromatic 3D Materials is developing the technology to print with thermosets, a broad class of materials including polyurethanes, silicones and epoxies.  The adaptability, durability and resilience of these materials are unmatched by the thermoplastics used in conventional 3D printing processes.

Thermoset chemistry is a rare art and few people in the world know how to adapt the materials to meet the needs of 3D printing processes; Cora Leibig, PhD is one of them.  She and her team of scientists are conquering the weighty barriers of the 3D printing industry to create the durable materials so sorely needed today. A well-tenured history with some of our nation’s leading innovative organizations uniquely positions Chromatic to lead game-changing disruption in the 3D printing industry.

Product Development

Flexible goods - First Launch
Foams - Feasible
Large parts - Feasible
Implantables/Biocompatible - Feasible
Electronics - Concept
Cell Growth Scaffolds - Concept

The Problem

In traditional extrusion printing, plastic is melted then cooled to form the part.  When plastics are selected to meet application needs for part complexity, flexibility or high durability, the following challenges are present:

  • Flexible, meltable materials are not durable and can tear or creep
  • Flexible filaments can stretch and stick to themselves, posing feed problems in the printer
  • Cooled layers cannot adhere well to layers above, leading to poor print-direction strength
  • Each material type requires different processing temperatures, limiting multi-material printing options

Result: Parts with poor durability = prototype only

The Solution

Printing with Chromatic 3D Materials thermosets, liquids react to form the part.  The reaction of the liquids can produce variable qualities in final product that are not achievable today.  3D Chromatic Materials enables:

  • Unmeltable parts
  • Flexible, durable parts
  • Parts with varied properties
  • Parts with high print-direction strength
  • Foamed parts
  • Parts with thermally-sensitive components, such as electronics

Result: Durable and functional manufactured parts = beyond prototype

The Possibilities



Meet the Team

Cora Leibig, PhD

Cora Leibig, PhD

Founder, Materials Science Technologist
Dr. Cora Leibig is the founder and CEO of Chromatic 3D Materials. Dr. Leibig has 20 years of professional experience in the materials industry: prior roles include VP of R&D and COO at Segetis, a VC-backed startup company, and Research Director at The Dow Chemical Company.  In all of her efforts, she seeks to marry technology innovation with unmet needs in the market, and invest in technology that can accelerate business growth.  Cora earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1997, and her M.S. and B.S. in Chemical Engineering at MIT in 1993.  She is married with four children.
The team

The team

Left to right: Dan Gilbert, intern Alec Erickson, Cora Leibig, Eric Hall
Dan Gilbert

Dan joined the team in 2016 as a full time Senior Product Development Engineer.  Dan is a thermoset formulation veteran, and has prior experience with urethane systems from his time at Valspar.  He is developing the necessary know-how to adapt our polyurethane formulas to have the right properties necessary for the printing processes and applications.

Eric Hall

Eric is a consultant who shares our lab facility and brings to bear extensive experience in polymer and process chemistry to assist the team in synthesis and characterization of the Chromatic materials.

Market Opportunities

Foam Core Components - $1B
Electronics Packaging - $1B
Orthotics - $1B
Child Prosthetics - $100M

Chromatic 3D Materials enthusiastically invites all partners to the table.  The democratization of 3D printing allows for collaborative ideation and development. Our technologies are printer agnostic and offer an entirely new level of customization never seen before.



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